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Newport Harbor Lutheran Church in Newport Beach has a faith formation and foundation in Christianity with a rich heritage in Christ our Father God.

Our Mission Statement:

"A worshiping family, anchored in Christ,
providing safe harbor for all."

We affirm the following core values:

We believe honesty and integrity are fundamental components of a successful church.

We promote and encourage a caring environment.

We support each other in our physical, spiritual and emotional needs.

We believe in a loving, caring environment where positive attitudes prevail.

We feel secure in the company of each other.

We believe that open and honest communication bring understanding coherence.

We believe that each person is a child of God and has important gifts to offer.

We encourage building relationships through fun and fellowship in service to God.

We encourage teamwork and cooperation between and among congregation, council, staff, auxiliary groups and individuals served.

We honor confidentiality and expect respectful thoughts and actions between all.

We know through Jesus Christ that we are committed to responsible use of our human and financial resources.

Adopted by the congregation, 2001

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